Chinese New Year - Spring Festival

Establishing community links to help us to celebrate Chinese New Year...

Steve is a student at Glasgow University, where Miss Hardy's aunt works. Miss Hardy reached out to her aunt and asked if any students would be willing to record a video for our children. Steve was more than happy to provide this wonderful video to inspire our children and help them learn about another culture.
"I think it is wonderful the children are learning about the Chinese culture and Spring Festival!"
Steve is Shaojie Wang western name. It is common for Chinese people to have 2 names, their Chinese birth name and a western name which they choose themselves

Click the link below to watch the video:

Hello Alvaston Juniors - Spring Festival


Quanbing  has supported our school previously. Her family donated many Chinese memorabilia and decorations for the school to use. On her last visit to China, she bought lots of items especially for our children- a wonderful act of kindness!  Quanbing's children are called Olivia and George; they're wishing us a Happy New Year in Chinese. The further two videos are of one of Quanbing's students. 

"I am so excited the children are learning about my culture! I hope these video and decorations will inspire the children to want to learn more". 

Click the links below to watch the videos:

Wishig us a Happy New Year!

Chinese Decorations

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