Academy Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Alvaston Junior Academy provides a broad, balanced, inclusive curriculum which has been designed to meet the needs of the ‘Alvaston Child’. Through careful consultation and consideration of what our pupils need, our curriculum offer is centred around four key values: confidence, kindness, respect and motivation; underpinning our teaching and daily life in school. They are embedded in our school ethos, culture and learning experiences. At Alvaston Juniors, every individual is encouraged to strive to achieve excellence in all areas of school life. Our carefully designed curriculum enables our children to become confident, motivated learners prepared for life beyond primary education. The staff team work collaboratively to provide the best curriculum offer for the ‘Alvaston child’. We celebrate success and embrace challenge; through collaboration across the school, the Harmony Trust and the wider professional community, we refine and reflect on our practise to ensure that we are immersing our pupils in an environment of excellence. Through our curriculum, we work together to instil the importance of positive, high quality relationships and ensure that nurture, wellbeing and care is at the core of what we deliver. Our safeguarding policy and processes are robust and all pupils are given the highest degree of care. Staff, pupils and parents have played an integral role in shaping the vision for the learning journey for our pupils at the Academy.

We recognise the critical role of parents, and prioritise establishing strong relationships and parental engagement with school life. We work together with community members and reach out to local businesses and establishments to support us in achieving excellence in all that we do. We offer an environment where children experience and celebrate success - where they feel part of a team on a lifelong journey of learning. Equality is at the centre of our vision and we tailor our curriculum to ensure that the needs of each and every child are met, academically, physically and mentally. At Alvaston Juniors, our pupils are immersed in an environment where they are consistently reminded of their ability to aim high, and be the owners of their future.

Alvaston Junior Academy

Elvaston Lane, Alvaston, Derby DE24 0PU

Christine Bower: Principal

01332 571321