Alvaston Junior Academy

Alvaston Junior Academy

Principal's Welcome

A warm welcome!

Alvaston Juniors has a special atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you walk through the door. Our friendly, professional, hard-working staff team and wonderful children that attend our school are happy to be part of our school community. Pupils work hard, behave well and strive to fulfil their true potential. We celebrate success, reflect on our practice and challenge one another to make continuous improvements. 

The pupils in our Enhanced Resource Unit are fundamental in enriching the lives of all children and staff in the school and they embrace the challenges and opportunities that mainstream schooling can bring, unfortunately it is now not accepting any more new pupils. 

I am very lucky to work in a school where all staff are passionate in their mission to support pupils to build life skills for a bright future and equip them to live in the 21st Century. Pastoral care and provision is intertwined with teaching and learning and pupils’ well-being is at the core of daily practice. We have very high expectations of standards and behaviour at all times, and expect parents to be supportive of school, particularly on the issues of attendance, punctuality, behaviour, and attitudes to school and learning.

We firmly believe that education is a partnership between home and school, and we place parental involvement high in our school’s priorities. I have no doubt, that with your support and cooperation, your child will go on to achieve success in this and their next chapter of education.

Our pupils and staff leave lasting positive impressions on visitors who always want to return! Alvaston Junior Academy is a unique place to be and we welcome the opportunity to share this with other families and children in our community who are interested in joining our school.

Mrs Spencer Lovesey


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